Don Bosco Institute of Career Excellence (DICE) is an extension of the Don Bosco Arts and Science College in Chennai, affiliated with the University of Madras. DICE aims to provide career-enhancing skills to both its students and the wider community. The institute offers part-time programs in various fields to cater to the needs of industries and fill the skill gap.

DICE provides short-term programs in media & communication, languages, information technology, music, travel & tourism, professional & competitive examinations, stock market operations, yoga, logistics & supply chain management, digital marketing, data analytics, financial modelling, and other courses in demand.

Apart from these programs, DICE also focuses on developing e-content, conducting contact classes for professional, organising faculty development programs, workshops, seminars, and skill-based programs during weekends and outside class hours. The institute strives to prepare its students for the future and beyond, with constant program upgrades and experienced professionals in a well-equipped infrastructure.

DICE emphasizes quality delivery of subjects, enhanced facilities, and entrepreneurial knowledge at an affordable cost. Along with subject coaching, the institute places great
importance on moral values, aiming to make learners socially conscious, ethical, and responsible citizens dedicated to serving the country.

DICE has ambitious plans to provide part-time programs in various fields, aligning them with the specific needs of industries. These programs are designed to be conducted before and after regular class hours, allowing students to acquire additional skills alongside their academic studies.

Through DICE, the college aims to benefit not only its students but also the wider student community by facilitating Industry-Institution-Interaction (I-I-I). This interaction helps bridge the skill gap by aligning the curriculum and training programs with the expectations of the industry. By actively involving industries in the educational process, DICE ensures that the skills taught are relevant and in line with industry requirements.

By establishing DICE, the Don Bosco Arts and Science College demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive career enhancement opportunities to its students and offering valuable skill-building programs to the community at large.

The Institute DICE aims to cater to the needs of the community by offering a range of short-term programs in various fields. These programs are designed to address the demands and interests of individuals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Some of the courses offered include:

  • Media & Communication: Programs focusing on media studies, journalism, advertising, and public relations to develop effective communication skills.
  • Languages: Courses to learn foreign languages or improve proficiency in languages such as English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin.
  • Information Technology: Training programs covering topics like programming languages, web development, software engineering, database management, and cybersecurity.
  • Music: Courses in music theory, instrument training, vocal techniques, music production, and music composition.
  • Travel & Tourism: Programs that provide insights into the travel and tourism industry, including tour management, hospitality, customer service, and destination marketing.
  • Professional & Competitive Examinations: Preparation courses for various professional exams like banking, government services, civil services, and competitive entrance exams for higher education.
  • Stock Market Operations: Training programs on stock market analysis, trading strategies, portfolio management, and investment techniques.
  • Yoga: Courses that delve into the principles, practices, and philosophy of yoga, focusing on physical and mental well-being.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Programs covering logistics operations, inventory management, supply chain planning, and distribution management.
  • Digital Marketing: Courses exploring digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and online advertising.
  • Data Analytics: Training in data analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization, and data-driven decision-making using tools like Python, R, and Excel.
  • Financial Modelling: Programs that teach financial modeling techniques, forecasting, valuation, risk analysis, and financial statement analysis.

These are just a few examples of the lucrative courses DICE intends to offer, considering the demand and industry trends. By providing such diverse programs, DICE aims to cater to the career development needs of individuals and contribute to the skill enhancement of the community.

DICE places great emphasis on delivering subjects with high quality and ensuring that the knowledge imparted is of the highest standard. The institute strives to provide an excellent learning experience through well-qualified faculty and updated curriculum.

In addition to academic excellence, DICE is committed to providing enhanced facilities that create an optimal learning environment. This includes well-equipped classrooms, modern technology, libraries, and other resources necessary for effective teaching and learning.

One of the distinguishing features of DICE is its focus on entrepreneurial knowledge. The institute aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among its students, encouraging innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills. By instilling these qualities, DICE aims to prepare students to succeed in a competitive and ever-evolving professional landscape.

DICE also recognizes the importance of affordability in education. The institute strives to offer its programs and courses at an affordable cost, making quality education accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, moral values and social consciousness are integral aspects of the education provided at DICE. The institute recognizes the importance of shaping students into responsible citizens who are aware of their social and ethical responsibilities. By incorporating moral values into the curriculum and promoting social awareness, DICE aims to produce graduates who not only excel in their careers but also contribute positively to society and serve their country.

In summary, DICE is committed to providing high-quality education, enhanced facilities, and entrepreneurial knowledge at an affordable cost. The institute also places great importance on moral values, aiming to develop socially conscious, ethical, and responsible citizens who make valuable contributions to their communities and the nation as a whole.

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